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DIY Wrap Kit Overview

Every DIY Wrap Kit comes with the following utilities and your chosen 3M1080 wrap media
  • 9mm Utility Blade, this is used for trimming large piece down to smaller pieces and/or trimming your wrapped body panel edges, a brand new, razor sharp blade is paramount when applying wrap media to your vehicle!
  • Squeegee that includes a felt tipped edge, the squeegee (or paddle) is required to apply or squeegee down the media to your body panels, the felt tipped edge is important to you do not scratch the media as you apply the vinyl.
  • 3M Primer Stick (Only included in CANADIAN WRAP KITS) This "primer" is a liquid adhesive that is used to promote additional adhesion and is used on outside edges to insure the best adhesion possible.

PLEASE NOTE that we recommend using a heat gun or blow dryer when applying your graphics, this IS NOT included in your wrap kit.